About Us

Hello! Welcome to our little corner of the Internet, where we cook, share wonderful food, travel and discuss all things related to our food and life philosophies!

My husband, Dalton, and I currently live in beautiful Colorado, where the sun shines 300 days perKayaking the Arkansas River in Colorado year and the mountains are always in reach. We moved to Colorado from Minnesota for a new adventure. We were ready to do something different, go somewhere new. Colorado is a wonderful place when you thrive on the outdoors. We love anything and everything there is to do outside, especially backpacking through the wilderness of the mountains.

This blog has been an idea for a while and now here we are! We hope this blog will be a marketplace of ideas for meals that are good for you and the Earth! We talk about real food issues and want to guide you down the path of healthy and delicious food, while striving for a minimal impact on our fragile Earth.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and an Environmental Scientist, starting a blog focused on healthy eating, coupled with a focus on environmental sustainability, was the perfect combination of both our passions. Dalton and I are both dedicated to cook with quality ingredients to promote a healthy lifestyle with an environmental conscience.

Our Food Philosophy

Cook. Cook with love. And as Michael Pollan says in his book In Defense of Food, “Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants.”

Cooking with love and choosing foods that are good for you and the Earth, are the cornerstones to a healthy life.  We like to eat adventurously, eating just about anything, but we cook and eat mostly meals packed with plants. Cooking has become a joyous part of our day and we want to share that joy and good food with you!

We try to make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to essentially everything we purchase, including food, packaging, clothing and cleaning products. When we spend money, we are voting for which business practices we’d like to support. By actively supporting practices we believe in, we can continue to cast our vote for a greener world.

Spanish PeaksAs the blog grows, we plan to travel the world and share our travels and food adventures with you! Dining out for every meal can weigh on the body, and does not always align with high-level wellness. As we travel we will experience authentic foods, go to local markets and then create our own versions of these delicious dishes. Coupling travel with a healthy lifestyle will be difficult, but we are excited to take on the challenge and share our adventures!

We are so glad you stopped by and hope you’ll join us for our cooking, traveling and blogging adventures! For more insight on our food and life philosophies, check out our REAL food for thought page!