REAL Food For Thought

Put LOVE into your cooking

Cooking and eating healthy is a choice. Take time to be intentional with the cooking process and don’t cut corners. Cooking is not a chore to quickly rush through, but should be a valued and joyous part of your day. Putting love into cooking is more than just taking time—it’s about trying your best to make something wonderful for the people you love, including yourself! Time spent cooking is time invested in our relationships with loved ones and in our overall health.

Get your hands dirty

Getting our hands dirty helps connect us to the real world. Gardening is a great excuse to play in the dirt. Investing time and effort into growing, caring for and harvesting food from your own garden, helps you put love into your cooking. It is important to feel the soil, dry or wet, pull up weeds and notice the worms as they work to help the garden.

Physically feeling the entire food process, from garden to table, takes time and is not something that provides instant gratification. Much of life today revolves around instant gratification, especially when it comes to food. Fast foods and frozen dinners are the tip of the iceberg. It is vital to slow down and take the time to put hard work into the cooking process. Join us by shifting away from instant food gratification, and toward a health-centered mindset!

Eat REAL Food

Healthy eating is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. It all starts with quality ingredients, which stem from healthy soils, sustainable farming practices and well-raised animals. Proper nutrition is good for your body, soul and taste buds. Healthy habits are the key to making positive impacts on your physical, mental and emotional health.


Cook daily. Eat REAL food. Stay active. Do what you love. Keep it simple. Get outside your comfort zone. Welcome new challenges. Experience something greater than yourself. Be adventurous! As the movie Up states, “Adventure is out there.” And we’re going to find it.