Poultry Stock - Super easy and a great way to use scraps that would otherwise be thrown away! |

Homemade Poultry Stock

  • Author: AdventureBlooms
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 12-24 hours
  • Total Time: 12-24 hours
  • Yield: 6-10 cups depending on much water you add


Super easy and flavorful. Perfect for soups, rice and just about anything else!


  • Bones from 1-2 chickens or 1 turkey (I’ll also add the giblets, but this is optional)
  • Vegetable scraps – I usually accumulate scraps (the ends of celery, carrots and leeks). I wait until I have filled a 1/2 gallon bag with scraps before making stock
  • 3 cloves garlic, whole
  • 1 medium onion, roughly chopped
  • 4 sprigs parsley (or whatever I’ve accumulated)
  • 2 sprigs thyme
  • 1 tablespoon black peppercorns
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 8 cups water (depending on the size of your slow cooker)


  1. Combine all ingredients in a slow cooker and cook over low heat for 12-24 hours.
  2. Once cooked, strain and store in a glass container – a large mason jar will do the trick!


Flexibility is key with this recipe. Just keep a container/bag in your freezer and add the ends of carrots, celery and leeks as well as the bones from chicken or turkey. Once you’ve accumulated enough bones and about a 1/2 gallon bag full of vegetables, it’s time to make your stock!

Store in the refrigerator for 3-4 days OR store in the freezer for 6-12 months. Be sure to let the stock cool before putting in the freezer (if you’re storing it in a glass container). Do not put hot stock in the freezer in a glass container.